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Second-hand and selling off articles

A1 quality second-hand articles sold by Patima Electrocenter S.à r.l. PRODUCTION LUXINOX

Under the new category "Second-hand" and "Selling off articles" on our e-commerce site, you will find A1 quality second-hand articles, not older than 3 years and with all required system- and security norms.
Under "Wellcome" you have the total of all second-hand articles and when you choose one of the 4 categories, you only have the second-articles of thîs category.
At the end of a short article description, you will find the historic of this article (age, returned or not from a leasing-contract, exhibition article, ...)
We only propose articles we have on stock, controlled and tested from our technicians.
All second-hand articles sold by Patima Electrocenter S.à.r.l. have a guarantee of 6 months.
Except of the duration of the guarantee, we allow the same conditions for our second-hand articles than for the other articles. (See payment-, delivery-, guarantee- and general conditions.)


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